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Assistant FOH Manager CDR(Kuwait)
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Latest News
John Becker- General Manager of Tamdeen Entertainment in
"PNI International Corp. has been an asset to our overseas recruitment. We have found them professional over the phone, by email, and in person. We needed a recruitment solution beyond placing ads for our needs in local newspapers and PNI has really delivered. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship."
Oliver Amores- General Manager of Deringer-Ney in Mexico
"I was cynical at first with PNI specially I sourced them through the internet. I was slowly proven wrong when they demonstrated excellence in their responsiveness. This was further validated when I visited Philippines for the actual interview of the candidates that I was mesmerized by the consistency of their customer service and surpassed all my expectations. I would highly recommend PNI International for all those companies searching for manpower recruitment partner in the Philippines"
Reynaldo Bobis- Telecom Technician, Transfield Services Candidate
"I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to PNI International Corp. for giving me a chance to show my expertise in my chosen field of work. PNI supported and guided me to make my dream a reality. And now that I am already here in New Zealand, Iím doing my very best to excel. Once again, Thank you PNI. Please continue helping Filipino aspirants. Indeed, we need you in this endeavor of our lives."
Owen Subajano- Outside Plant Designer, Transfield Candidate
"If you are really keen on getting a job abroad, then rely on PNI International Corp. PNI has definitely won my trust! Their entire staff is very professional and courteous. PNI gave me the opportunity to utilize my skills here in New Zealand. I am very proud to say that I am now a part of Transfield Services! Thanks PNI for making this possible."
Pedro Leygo- Telecom Technician, Transfield Services Candidate
"I am very pleased to say that without a doubt, PNI International Corp. is the best Recruitment company in the Philippines. Their expertise helped me to fulfill my goals here in New Zealand. During the process, PNI showed an unprecedented service among us, aspiring applicants. Unlike other companies, PNI knows what to prioritize. More power to PNI!"