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We employ effective methods for searching, recruiting and screening candidates according to the Client's specific needs and requirements. The candidates must pass thorough screening process before referring them to any Client to have final screening for acceptance. Feedback and constant communication with our Clients is one of the key in ensuring better talent.

Permanent Placements
The Staff are considered as directly hired by the Client. We ensure that the best talents are sent and that all travel and foreign governmental procedures and pre-deployment arrangements are arranged.

Contract and Project Staffing
We provide for these Staff the administrative support functions such as contracting, payroll, personnel management and others. If the Client requires, we may even handle entire departments or divisions. We also ensure that the best talents are recruited and screened and that all governmental procedures and pre-deployment arrangements are arranged.

Outsourced Contract Services
We accept the specific tasks as a "sub-contractor." We actively search for the necessary talents and provide a full service bundled for the Client's benefit. No deployment is required since the project is not tackled in the Client's country. This service is especially valuable in the areas of Customer Service, I.T. Programming, Accounting, Telemarketing and Design Rendering.

Strategic Staffing
We understand that each Client is unique and have special and unique needs. Our flexibility allows us to create an arrangement which incorporates the various aspects of our different services. This in turn allows us to "customize" the service to better respond to the Client's particular requirements.


 NEW!!!   Recruitment Process Outsourcing    www.pni-businesssolutions.com

Ideally, we will be THE partners with your HR department and become a helpmeet for your recruitment needs .We will successfully shape your recruitment infrastructure to deliver the most qualified candidates within the best costs and timescales.  As you consider your time, effort, and resources conserved, your cost savings will be substantial.  Services include database update, candidate resume screening, formatting resumes and portfolio management, coordinating candidate/client interviews, finalizing candidate employment.


 NEW!!!   Staff Hosting    www.pni-businesssolutions.com

As a company that specializes in Outsourced Recruitment services, our knowledge and experience has optimized our ability to understand our client’s requirements and deliver the best solution. PNI provides hosting services for our clients.  Staff hosting gives an actual functional working office for your employees in an established location offshore.  IT Workforce, CAD Designers, Structural Designers, 3D Animators, Web Developers, Web Writers, are some of the most in demand positions we can HOST or you can outsource to us.





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